Job4All is a unique employment tool, supported by fair and flexible payment and evaluation systems.

Job4All connects job seekers and job providers immediately, anywhere and anytime. This app helps people to find a job without complicated and time consuming phone calls, web, paper and physical searches. Additionally, it gives unlimited possibility to explore new professional frontiers.

Furthermore, it helps to find the right person for any job within a few seconds with a guarantee of work quality.

How it works

Download the Job4All app for free. Fill in your details in order to find the best job matches. Depending on your requirements, post a job or receive a job offer. When the job is completed, the Seeker and the Provider are able to rate each other thereby improving the quality of services on both sides.

Add a Job

Just fill in the “Job title”, describe the job, choose at least one “Profession”. Place the “Fee” you’re willing to pay for this job and the required number of workers in the “Personnel” field. Select payment conditions “Per hour”, “Per day” or “Per job” and set a time, suitable for you. You may also activate or deactivate the “Bidding” option.


The address, if provided, will become visible only for the Provider and the Seeker upon a particular job commitment by both parties.


“Seeker” can place a higher or a lower bid, if allowed by Provider. Please note that you can “Bid” only once.

Phone number

By accepting or bidding for a particular job the Seeker’s phone number will become visible to the Provider.

The Provider’s phone number will become visible to Seeker upon particular job commitment by both parties.


As a “Seeker” you should select from 2 to a maximum of 5 professions. This will help the App to find the right job for you. You can modify your “Professions” at any time.

As “Provider”, when you post a job, at least one profession must be selected.


Your public profile contains:


The area in which “Seeker” is willing to receive job offers. It is set at 50km by default and you’re free to change it at any time.


In order to improve both work and employment quality, we’re introducing Fair Rating System (FRS). Please, “Rate” all services upon job completion.


To share Job4All with your friends, colleagues, potential job providers or job seekers – choose the sharing option from your ”Profile” page.

Sort by Date / by Time

This function gives you possibility to see your jobs in order of date of posting or job start time.


For “Provider” this is the field, indicating job’s specific conditions (Job Specifics). Please, fill it in, if your job fits into one of these categories.

For “Seeker” this is a list of “Unwanted Roles”. (e.g. If “Seeker” is not willing to work in cold areas and this field is selected in “Unwanted Roles” he/she will not receive any job offer in this field).