How much does it cost?

Job4All is a free app offering in app purchases. The free version has both Job Seeker and Job Provider accounts. Using the Job Seeker account allows for you to receive 500 job offers within your chosen job categories for free. Using the Job Provider account allows you to post 5 jobs for free.

When this quota has been used you may purchase either a Job Seeker or Job Provider account, depending on your preferred usage. You may also wish to use the app for both posting and receiving jobs in which case you can purchase the Twin account. The price is below:

$1.99 – Job Seeker
$3.99 – Job Provider
$4.99 – Twin account (seeker + provider)

Each purchased account will grant you unlimited use of the Job4All app. There are no other costs.

I am moving to another city/country. How can the app help me to find a job or job candidates there?

Upon registration and login into the Job4All app, you are requested to insert a contact address or the location of the job offer.

If you wish to receive jobs, which are not in your current location of residence, just edit the address in your profile - insert the postal code and the city where you will reside. This function will allow you to see all job offers in any place of the world.

If you need to post a job in another location – simply insert the job address when you’re adding the job.

Can I use job4all in multiple locations?

Relating to the question above, if you reside or travel often to multiple locations, the unique feature of the app enables you to change your current address according to your preferences.

For example, if you are travelling to another country/city next week and need assistance in a business venture you are planning, you may insert the country and the city of your planned location of residence and post the job offer you need assistance with.

I like the app. Can I become a distributer?

Yes. Please check our “More” section or send us a direct request. Note that we have limited positions and limited time offer.

Will job4all be available on the desktop platform?

We’re considering to make Job4All available for desktops in 2014. At this moment we’re monitoring users requests. As soon as a decision is taken, we will inform you about the launch, its dates and features.

Is Job4All an International app?

Absolutely! You can use in anywhere and anytime. At this moment the app has 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Dutch. We’re constantly adding new languages and features. The next update will include Portuguese, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Are there any provision charges applied to Job Seeker or Job Provider?

No, there are no charges. Job4All connects Job Seekers and Job Providers, Service users and Service providers. We do not collect any financial information from our users, neither charge them for any findings, earnings, transactions.

All fees, payments, charges for a job or service are directly arranged and performed between Job Seeker and Job Provider.

We are compiling success, coincidence and serendipity stories from job providers and job seekers to share as inspiration for other users.